Approaching art like a child might

Skärmavbild 2019-11-03 kl. 16.22.58

Mark Rothko Nu 26, 1947. Dallas Museum of Art.

This is not what we usually think of as a typical Rothko. But what touches me in this one, is How he refined his work, later on, from this. Still keeping this sensitive hand of his, into the section paintings. Its all there, the light, history, the feminine force, the masculine, all in One. Because being a painter is also being all your ages, all your actions and refine it into what you believe in. Now. Some say they do not want to put feelings in their work, say its greasy and perhaps full of blur desires? Well, if you deny your feelings, you cannot be in charge of them. So Let your heart glow and the world will as well, some day, some how..


/Your Holy Wisdom:-)