she´s a little bit environ-mental

This week I´m gonna make something good for the spring exhibition of Sveriges Konstnärers förening, Konstnärshuset. Because the thing with my time in the studio is not that i don’t get my ass off to work, but that most of whats coming out is,, crap. Its difficult to paint even though i know how to. Glad though I mostly paint with materials that are environmental, because i do throw away A Lot, or,  I paint over old pictures, many, over and over and again. For Environ-mental reasons.

This pink with a “puffy-cloud- square” on top of another pianobody  is an example of last weeks work. Don’t know if you can see that, with this cellphone photo, but layer on top of layer of six different killed pictures boils in there. I wish i was more skilled to perfection, so i could just make a good one without detours, but this is how i work, slow and bullish. I guess you can see it as a reaction of societies “quick fix mentality”.

Left is an old painting from 2003, with 3 magical holes cutted through the canvas with a blunt but perseverant knife. Its an old piece in my “stable” of energy reminders.


cheerio ,,and thank you for visiting this blog