The Stage as recurring motifs.

When I was a child I recorded stories I written into cassettes . I played all the different roles myself. They were extensions to my drawings and a recurring theme was me rescuing people and animals in need, or naive solutions how to balance injustices in the world.  I’m grateful to my mother who actually saved some of these cassettes, its funny to hear them today and maybe I can make art of these recordings one day. :)I don’t know why or how,,but they are good to keep.

Today  my storytelling is more of a clairvoyant kind. Art as an abstract and surrealistic reconnoiter. Where I borrow stories from all around the world that caught my intention, some how.

Please listen to todays blog on an audio track 2:42 min. Where I read a Hasidic story, related to my new painting Tzim Tzum Lady 2020/2021.