releasing good energies from everyday use objects

I started to paint as a child, surrealistic figurative, often with an esoteric-dark undertone, and my work with forms has during six years MFA at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, been a slow reduce and try out -  to let landscape and figure dissolve, into a dense axiom. Graduated year 2010. It fascinates me how the Calligrapher carve forward faith and intimacy in her language, with the same effort as in meditation.

2016 I was drawn to paint touchable by hand objects and put figurative in orbit again. In a for me new starting point. At the time I had just come back from parental leave and forms appeared different from before. I chose to paint three different everyday use objects, which relates, by "interacting", to good energies. A piano, a cup and a loaf of bread. The Piano is a symbol of being intervene by something greater than ego. The Cup, according to Tarot, indicates emotion and feelings, as well as our relationships with others. The Bread is a symbol of sharing.


egg oil tempera on linen 200 x 200 cm

"Two Piano bodies become another body" 2016

Egg oil tempera on linen 200 x 200 cm. An exploration of the gap between a two and three dimensional surface. I took a square and a circle and cut out the edges of the square. There I have two pianos standing back to back. Rotate 90° and the two instruments appears as a female body. The figure both look flat and spherical at the same time.


Peaceful forms, 2018.

Painting is, for me, a long going study of transcendent reality and being subordinate its medium. I like the thought that I´m bending and stretching what an image is for my eye and hopefully also for the viewer.  During my years at Mejan (Art Academy) and afterwords, Galleri Kurant Tromsö Norway 2011, I used Tarot in a painting performance "Round branch Tarot", by making a picture while reading the cards with the visitor. The wall in the exhibition grew into a collective presence. 18. 10 2019 Studio 44 in Stockholm, there will be a similar painting performance during opening night. First 11 visitors to have a read of the deck "Roundbranch Tarot" keep their painting as a freebie. Magically Welcome!