releasing good energies from everyday use objects

I started to paint as a child, surrealistic figurative, often with an esoteric-dark undertone, and my work with forms has during six years MFA at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, been a slow reduce and try out -  to let landscape and figure dissolve, into a dense axiom. Graduated year 2010. It fascinates me how the Calligrapher carve forward faith and intimacy in her language, with the same effort as in meditation.

2016 I was drawn to paint touchable by hand objects and put figurative in orbit again. In a for me new starting point. At the time I had just come back from parental leave and forms appeared different. I chose to paint three different everyday use objects.

A piano, a cup and a loaf of bread. The Piano is a symbol of being intervene by something greater than ego. The Cup, according to Tarot, indicates emotion and feelings, as well as our relationships with others. The Bread is a symbol of sharing. These objects are 3 different keys to what always been urgent to my artistry: trust, community and sharing.

For my solo next year at Gallery Stene Projects I am working with paintings related to one thousand years old relics in the area I grow up into. Kjulaåsen och tinget på Kungshållet, is the working name. My house was located on a hillside and on top of that hill there was mounds together with relics. I went back their as a grownup to have some good time with my mother, and that trip with her reminded me of an oracle I had fantasies about as a child. Her name was Sigrid and was the chief for an matriarch of this hill named Kjulaåsen. These paintings are hidden tracks from her stories back then, I used to make a lot of drawings of their life situation while listening to Sigrids soft voice inside of my head, but it is also an urgent call for me to see what history likes to tell today.

egg oil tempera on linen 200 x 200 cm

"Two Piano bodies become another body" 2016

Egg oil tempera on linen 200 x 200 cm. An exploration of the gap between a two and three dimensional surface. I took a square and a circle and cut out the edges of the square. There I have two pianos standing back to back. Rotate 90° and the two instruments appears as a female body. The figure both look flat and spherical at the same time.


Peaceful forms, 2018.